This is the Goddess of Marriage, Frigg.

Frigga [who was based off the Goddess Frigg] is the goddess of marriage. She is Odin's wife, step mother of Thor and foster mother to Loki.

Frigga is seen as mother figure to most Asgardians even consoling a heartbroken Sif. It is revealed later that she is also mother to Balder whom she once used her powers to make almost completely invulnerable (the notable exception being mistletoe). Frigg was also instrumental in the rearing and training of the Young Gods.



Motion Comics

Frigga was voiced by Deborah Jane McKinley in the fourth episode of the motion comic named Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers.


Frigga was voiced by Grey DeLisle on television, in the The Super Hero Squad Show.


Frigga was played by Rene Russo for the movies, Thor and Thor: The Dark World.

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