Full name
Valgoth (formerly Algrim)
Algrim the Strong
Eye color
Hair color
No hair
Servant of Malekith (formerly), Protector of Asgard's children
616 (Main Universe)
First appearance
Thor #347
Last appearance
Thor Vol 2 #82

Kurse was an enemy of Thor. He was created by Walt Simonson, and made his first appearance in Thor #347 in September 1984 as a Dark Elf named Algrim the Strong. Algrim would later be transformed into Kurse in Secret Wars #4 in October 1985.


Kurse used to be a dark elf called Algrim the Strong and was the most powerful of his race. The dark elf ruler Malekith the Accursed persuaded Algrim to fight Thor. However Malekith betrayed Algrim when he was fighting Thor and Algrim fell into lava. He was critically injured after that, but was kept alive by his magical armour. He got amnesia after that but his wounds were healed by a cosmic entity called The Beyonder who transformed Algrim into Kurse. The beyonder transported Kurse to fight Thor but Kurse mistook Thor's alien counterpart Beta Ray Bill for him and fought him. The team of super hero children the power pack fight Kurse after that. Thor then fights Kurse wearing his magic belt to raise his strength. The beyonder makes Kurse even stronger. Despite Kurse overpowering Thor, Kurse is made to believe Malekith is responsible for his suffering not Thor. Because of Thor's suggestion the beyonder transports Kurse to Hel because of Thor's suggestion to make Hela goddess of death mad. Kurse murders Malekith who had actually turned out to be Balder the brave in disguise. Apparently after this Kurse gave up his evil deeds and did things to serve Asgard. But at the time of Ragnarök when the Norse gods perish he won't serve Asgard anymore.


Kurse wears spiked armor with a horned helmet. When he was Algrim the Strong he wore red and purple armor.